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About Siddha

  • Siddha System of medicine is the oldest form of medical science, formulated by many Siddhar's, It is said that lord shiva was the 1st siddhar who gave the secrets to lord Parvathy , who in turn passed to nandhi then to siddhar Agasthiyar, There are 18 foremost siddharSSiddha is the foremost of all systems of medicines in the world.

  • Its origin goes back to B.C 10000 to B.C 4000 , As per the textual and archaeological evidence of submerged land Kumarikandam (The Lemuria continent )

  • Siddha system of medicine is also called as traditional Tamil medicine, dravidian medicine ,muligai maruthuvam 

  • The clarified intellect and heightened intuition of the great siddhars, enabled to explore the world around them and exploit its natural resources for the sake of humanity. Their findings on the characteristics of herbal plants, minerals, metals, animal products and their knowledge of properties of drugs, its purification, dosage, medicine preparations, were preserved in the form of verses in manuscripts for the use of the posterity

  • Siddhars were superhumans who possessed supernatural powers(eight types of siddhis) Siddha system of medicine is also about alchemy, yoga, kayakalpam(rejuvenation therapy), philosophy, astronomy, Varma, way of life, etc

  • Diet and lifestyle play a major role not only in maintaining health but also in curing diseases. This concept of Siddha medicine is termed as pathiam and apathiam, which is essentially a list of dos and don'ts.


   "Food itself is medicine and medicine itself is food"

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The diagnostic methodology in Siddha treatment is unique as it is made purely on the basis of the clinical acumen of the physician. The pulse, skin, tongue, complexion, speech, eye, stools and urine are examined. This approach is collectively known as "Eight types of examination"; and among the eight, the examination of the pulse (Nadi) is very important in confirming the diagnosis.pulse based on vatha(air) , pitta(fire) , kapha (cold) 


  • Treatment consists of three distinct categories: Deva Maruthuvam, (divine method); Maanida Maruthuvam (rational method); and Asura Maruthuvam (surgical method). In the divine method, medicines like parpam, chenduram, kuligai prepared from mercury, sulphur and pashanams are used. In the rational method, medicines prepared from herbs like churanam, kudineer, vadagam are used. In surgical method, incision, excision, heat application, bloodletting, leech application etc. are practised.

  • The therapeutic treatment in Siddha could be further categorized into Purgative therapy, Emetic therapy, Fasting therapy, Steam therapy, Oleation therapy, Physical therapy, Solar therapy, Bloodletting therapy and Yoga therapy.

  • Siddha system has enormous pharmacopoeia containing vegetable, animal and mineral products and treatment techniques consisting in the use of 32 types of internal medicines and 32 types of external medicines, application of heat and cold, ointments, potions and poultice, bloodletting, counter-irritation, bath, suction, manipulative processes such as thokkanam, Varma, yoga and concentration on hygiene and diet (pathiam), periodical use of purgatives and emetics, Kayakalpa (antiageing treatment) to prevent or postpone greying of hair, the formation of wrinkles and ageing, prevention or treatment of diseases, and postponement of death (to any desired length of time).

  • Siddhars classified 4448 diseases according to the Nadi and symptoms, Its a treasure for the human being...

   "நோய்நாடி நோய்முதல் நாடி அதுதணிக்கும்

  வாய்நாடி வாய்ப்பச் செயல்"

Thirukural meaning

  • Let the physician enquire into the nature of the disease, its cause and the method of Treat it faithfully according to medical rule...

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